CHE05 Series

CHE05 is a lobby chair series with neat design and strong durability. Leather Upholstered Back & seat, and urethane pad arm-rests keep users’ comfort, and users also can use pen holder between seats and tablet table on the back-side of back-rest.


2 Persons
1225 x 815 x 905 481/4 • 321/8 • 355/8

– Foaming urethane armrest
– Folding tablet table applied on the back-side of back-rests
– Height adjusting device
– Applied with tablet (table)


Height adjustment adjuster enables
lobby chairs to be adjusted horizontality
even on an uneven floor easily.

Arm-rests with urethane pads keep users’ convenient posture further.

A cup holder and a tablet table are attached to the back-side of back-rest for the user on the back-side, but can be folded and fixed when not in use.


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