D2 Series

D2 series has the harmony of the backboard of swift and sophisticated feeling and seat with various colors to create brighter and cheerful space. Ergonomic design creating the shape of human back line raises the aesthetic completeness, and back tilt function is added for the optimal seating comfort.


600 x 540 x 845 235/8 • 211/4 • 331/4

– Horizontal stacking system
– Back tilt mechanism

600 x 550 x 795~905 235/8 • 215/8 • 311/4~355/8

– Height adjustment and rotation function
– Back tilt mechanism


The back board with the shape of human back line gives swift and sophisticated feeling, and it is naturally connected with armrest to complete overall slim and neat style.

Various colors are applied to the seats to make the space brighter and more refreshing, and various atmospheres can be created according to the characteristics of the space.

Back tilting function distributes the weight, and at the same time, it provides the best seating comfort to maintain stable posture.

The seat can be folded for horizontal stacking up for efficient use of limited space.


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