Hilo Table

HILO table is a height adjustable round table that supports seating or standing position in spaces like office or amenity with a function of height adjustment along with height adjustable desk.


Height Adjustable Round Table (Extension)
TB6001E W:Ø600 Ø23 5/8
TB7001E W:Ø700 Ø27 1/2
TB9001E W:Ø900 Ø35 3/8
[ W ] x 720~1000 [ W ] • 28 3/8~39 3/8

• Artificial marble top is not available.

High Round Table
TB6072E W:Ø600 Ø23 5/8
TB7072E W:Ø700 Ø27 1/2
[ W ] 720 [ W ] • 28 3/8
TB9073E (Extension)
Ø900 x 733 Ø35 3/8 • 28 7/8

Low Round Table
TB6043E Ø600 Ø23 5/8
TB7043E Ø700 Ø27 1/2
TB9043E Ø900 Ø35 3/8
[ W ] x 430 [ W ] • 17


Quick height adjustment using gas spring supplies various meeting environments according to the situations from seating to standing in such free and convenient way.

Beautiful and strong aluminum base is applied, and extensional unit for bigger top increases stability.


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