ID6000 Series

The folding table provides the best environment for various purposes, those such lectures, presentations and meetings, and is a product of both function and beauty.

Lecture Desk

Multipurpose Desk
650 x 450 x 720 255/8 • 173/4 • 283/8

Lecture Desk and Chai
ID6500 (Sliding Top)
650 x 943 x 723 255/8 • 173/4 • 281/2
ID6600 (Fixed top type)
650 x 918 x 720 255/8 • 361/8 • 283/8


It is safe by using polyurethane finishing on the edges of the worksurface and has a writing tool storage function.

It applies a folding mechanism that uses a gas spring that guarantees smooth folding.

It has a comfortable and ergonomic design that improves the concentration on lectures.

It applies a wire shelf at the bottom of a chair for convenient keeping of textbooks and notebooks.

It can be easily folded by using the folding lever.


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