Patient Room Series

Patient room is the place that patients spend most of their time in, and therefore is the basis for healing environment for patients. For this reason, patient rooms need to be the most hygienic and comfortable space in the world. KOAS Healthcare realizes the optimum patient rooms for patients by understanding them and reflecting various factors for the best healing environment, which hold plenty of storage for everyday products, easy path of travel, color and design for psychological and emotional satisfaction.


HKB300N 625 x 1915 x 635
(625 x 920 x 940)
24⅝ x 75⅜ x 25 (24⅝ x 36¼ x 37)

HKB310N 1600 x 550 x 220
63 × 21⅝ x 8⅝

HKB311N 1600 x 550 x 220
63 × 21⅝ x 8⅝

HKB312N 1600 x 550 x 220
63 × 21⅝ x 8⅝

HK1020EL/R 500 x 500 x 800
19⅝ x 19⅝ x 31½

HK1030EN 500 x 500 x 812
19⅝ x 19⅝ x 32

HK1110EL/R 500 x 500 x 2100
19⅝ x 19⅝ x 82⅝

HK1120EL/R 550 x 500 x 2100
21⅝ x 19⅝ x 82⅝

HK1130EL/R 550 x 500 x 2100
21⅝ x 19⅝ x 82⅝

HK1140EN 900 x 500 x 2100
35⅜ x 19⅝ x 82⅝

TV Table
HK1210 700 x 550 x 1000
27½ x 21⅝ x 39⅜


Remote control (Premium Electric Bed)

Patients can use remote control to easily adjust the height and angles of the bed without help from caregivers. Three independent motors operate allowing powerful driving force, minimizing noise, and providing safety by moving horizontally without shaking. Remote controls can be washed; they are made waterproof.

Control switch for nurses (Premium Electric Bed)

Control switch button is located flat on the lower part of the footboard; it is not protruded, so it looks neat. The control button is installed separate from the remote control for patients, so it can be used even when the remote control is damaged or out of order.

Drawer-type handle (Non-Electric Bed)

Handles can adjust the tilt of back and foot board. They are made of a drawer-type so that they can be placed in the handle caps when not in use, minimizing inconvenience in path of travel.

Rotary dining table

Dining table is made with hygienic and solid material equipped with anti-noise and shock-resistant device for descending. Oval holes were applied for the frame and better grip to prevent debris flow.

One-touch head board & foot board (HKX010, HKX020, HKX030)

Head board and foot board are made of antibacterial material, which is manufactured with ABS injection material, they can both be easily removed and reattached with a touch of a button.


Mattress is made of polyurethane synthetic filling finished with high quality artificial leather, which provides comfort.

Bedside Cabinet

The upper closet has doors without handles that can be opened and closed, providing clean and ample storage space.


Patients and caregivers can easily store their clothing. Wardrobe has a separate lock for safe use.

Towel rack

Towel racks are installed on the side of the lower part so that towels can be easily hung for frequent use.


Mopboards manufactured with steel frame are useful during washing and cleaning.


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