V6 Series

V6 meeting table has the same design identity with desk by applying same leg design. Especially, the world’s first bidirectional control box facilitates the most convenient wire management.


Round Shape Table
900 x 900 x 740 353/8•353/8•291/8

Round Shape Table
TVF1824EA (W:1850 727/8)
TVF2124EA (W:2100 821/2)
( W ) 1150 x  740 ( W )•451/2•291/8

Round Shape Table (2 Control Box Included)
2400 x 1200 x  740 941/2•471/4•291/8

Round Table
Ø1200 x 740 Ø471/4•471/4•291/8

Rectangular Table
TVF1624EB (W:1600 63)
TVF1824EB (W:1800 707/8)
TVF2024EB (W:2000 783/4)
(W) x 1200 x 740 (W) • 471/4 • 291/8

Rectangular Table (2 Control Box Included)
2400 x 1200 740 941/2•471/4•291/8


White, maple, soft walnut options enable harmonized color plan that goes well with any interior concept.

Legs processed as oblique lines, and simple, sensuous bottom part is completed with plastic mold cover for joints of side supplement frames, and white color that gives warm and orderly feeling is applied to the steel legs and frames.

The bottom part of the leg is finished with plastic injection molding leveler that can easily adjust the level of table.

When the tables are connected together, it proves its real merits of leg design. The overall looking is very stable and refined.

A table with the top color of KM188 uses double black edges that feel more refined.


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